It is Well Fitness Mats/Towels Product Care

Before using

Lightly spritz the surface with water for optimised grip. Suede is designed to provide a better grip the more you perspire. 

Keep your hands and feet clean. Avoid applying skin creams or oils before using your mat because they can transfer and stain the mat, or make you slip during your practice. (Using your mat with clean skin can help extend the life of your mat and prevent bacteria from spreading.) 


After using 

Daily cleaning: Allow your towel/mat to air out to evaporate any residue sweat or moisture, then clean with a wet towel to wipe and leave it in the shade to dry completely. 

For deep cleaning, rinse with cold water and washing powder. Then wipe the mat with a damp cloth and rinse. Finally, dab away any excess water with a dry towel and leave it to dry completely. 

 *Avoid using harsh cleaners and solvents.


Frequency of cleaning

Regular practice: We recommend cleaning it at least once a week. Clean your mat after practicing and allow it to dry before your next practice. 

Infrequent practice: Clean it before you use it each time.

Outdoor practice: Clean it right after using. 



Keep your towel/mat in a cool, dry, location to prevent it from accumulating excess moisture and bacteria. 

Don’t keep your towel/mat in the car for extended periods of time when it’s hot outside.

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